Paramount the authentic Lebanese touch


Written by Lora Abdulhak


Paramount Fine Foods USA is an outstanding place, with absolutely great service. The company sources only the freshest products for its authentic recipes. All restaurants have been certified halal by the ISNA Halal Certification Agency. The first Paramount to ever open was in Toronto, Canada 8 years ago. Now Paramount has 25 locations, and by the end of this year 5 more will be added. Paramount was the first Middle Eastern restaurant to ever open in an airport. Pearson airport in Toronto is where two locations are located, terminal 1, and terminal 3.


The idea came from Mohamad Fakih. He bought an old Middle Eastern café going out of business, and turned it all around. The business boomed better than he expected, so he opened up a second one, then a third one. Following that he started franchising, so in 8 years he was able to open up 25 restaurants. With all the hard work and dedication the Canada expansion has reached the States.

Consistency made the business thrive as soon as he opened up a couple, he turned it into a corporation, he had a chief operating officer and a big team that turned it into a real corporate structure of business. Right after that they put the recipe together and each location shared the same recipe.

The wood burning oven, and the fact that everything comes fresh, and halal from the Paramount butcher shop makes it unique, and provides an exquisite taste. Paramounts meat is individually hand slaughtered.

The most famous order is the Mixed Combo platter, because it basically comes with everything, Shish-tawook, kabab, all the grilled items that come from the charcoal barbecue. It also comes with falafel and a side of hummus, fatoush, and rice.

“Yalla” food truck is Paramount Fine Foods Food truck, which will have Shawerma machines on truck, and authentic Middle Eastern food for everyones convenience.

11722116_860279944055768_6739585849079706233_o New locations are coming to Orlando. Lake Mary, Winter Park and UCF you guys are next! By 2016 Paramount Fine Foods USA will be employing up to 300 employees. The expansion plan for paramount includes Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. As well as other states.

The big pita bread that comes to your table as soon as you’re seated, comes fresh out of the wood burning oven.


The Shawerma machine that cuts the meat is an automatic machine, which is the only machine like that in Central Florida!


1487895_844761385607624_6199717273086223737_o  Nayrouz Brewster;

is the President of Paramount Fine Foods USA, she kindly added her own message “We are very proud to be here, especially in the Middle Eastern community. We’re trying to show everyone else that Middle Eastern communities/restaurants could have a nice friendly atmosphere, where the kids could play, at our kids play place. I enjoy seeing non-Arab costumers walking in and enjoying our tasty authentic Lebanese food. I’m truly honored to be a part of the community and extremely excited to be involved in anyway possible.”

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