A word from our President


Written by Vienna Nemeh

“Our Arab American Community Center started as a very small grass roots effort that has proudly expanded to be a resource pinnacle in our community. We have expanded our services to accommodate Arab Americans who have a diverse array of needs. Our core beliefs are that by empowering Arab Americans they can become healthier, stronger, engaged, and integrated citizens. Our many resources provide outreach for the economic, social, and cultural needs of Arab Americans in our community.

With chaos spreading rampantly each day in the Middle East we must uplift one another here in our local community. There has never been more of a need for unity then there is today. The possibilities of growth for the AACC have not been possible without support from you. There are not enough words of gratitude for the support we have received from our local board members, volunteers, and sponsors. Without you, we would not be here. We are in dire need for continued support from our community members through direct funding from board members and sponsors for our programs in health, employment, immigration, and more. Our mission is to reach more members in need including our youth members through our youth and teen programs. With the ongoing war throughout the Middle East we expect our local community here to grow because of refugees that will be homeless and with little or no resources. AACC Helping Hands charity offers a large range of services to assist residents with their most basic needs. We consistently tailor or services to fit our community member needs.

Our Orlando AACC office is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of our community in Central Florida. Our vision for the future is to establish additional offices throughout the state of Florida and to build community centers that would further empower our community. Furthermore, we are looking to create a board for the entire state that would oversee the work of all the Florida offices with the ultimate goal of uniting the community.”


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